Laboratories for Radiation & Polymer Science (LRPS) of the Department of Chemistry of Hacettepe University is one of the best equipped & staffed polymer research laboratories in Turkey

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Radiation & Polymer Science

u Researchers from LRPS will participate at the 13th Thiany Conference on Radiation Chemistry from 29th August to 3 th September, 2015 in Balatonalmadi, Hungary. Click here for the web page of the symposium. 






Prof. Dr. Olgun Güven,


Phone: + 90 312  2977977

Fax:      + 90 312 2977973



Prof. Dr. Murat Şen


Phone: + 90 312  2977989

Fax:      + 90 312 2977973



Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Division,

06800, Beytepe, Ankara, TURKEY


Change of pore diameters of track-etched PVDF membranes via grafting of PAA. The AFM image was taken in our Surface Chemistry Laboratory.

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Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Hermann Staudinger (Federal Republic of Germany) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discoveries in the field of macromolecular chemistry in 1953. Click here for more...

u The 6th Asia Pacific Symposium on Radiation

Chemistry (APSRC2016) will be held in Mumbai,

India from 5th to 9 th Jaunary, 2016. Please follow

this link for the web page of the symposium. 

u The 5th National Polymer Science and Technology Conference was organized by Turkish Polymer Science and Technology Society and held in Tokat from 1th to 4th September, 2014.  9 contributed lectures and 3 posters were presented by the researchers from our group.